Dear Teens & Families, 

While life seems pretty disrupted right now, here at BBYO Passport we remain cautiously optimistic about the summer as we continue our planning for a season of meaningful and safe experiences that will begin 3+ months from today. 

We also recognize your need for peace of mind during these times, and we are adjusting our policies accordingly. As such, we are adopting the following updated approach: 

- April 2, 2020 

This is the updated deadline to cancel for a full refund, and it is also when the balance of payment is due. If you are on a program with an optional group flight those full details will be provided by March 20th. If necessary, we may consolidate program offerings based on participation no later than April 3, 2020.

- 60 days before the start of your program 
If we feel we are unable to provide a safe and meaningful experience at this point, you will have the choice to transfer programs or receive a full refund on land costs. Separate terms may apply for optional groups flights on a program-by-program basis, and this will be explained when flight details are announced by March 20. 

Our intention with this updated approach is to provide you with as much flexibility as possible while recognizing the complex arrangements that require advance planning to make these programs possible. We have compiled a set of questions and answers below to help you understand our thinking in more detail. 

We are grateful for your trust and understanding as we navigate these times. 

Aaron Robbin
Executive Director, BBYO Passport


1. What has been the response to date from registered families? 
With the policy accommodations we have provided to date, only a very limited number of families have decided to withdraw. We are also encouraged by the families that continue to sign up for our summer 2020 programs. 

2. Are you considering offering any new programs? 
Yes! We are working on a range of new program alternatives for this summer, both within North America and beyond. We expect to have details by the end of March. 

3. How will you decide whether a program can proceed? 
We need to feel confident that we can provide a safe and meaningful experience. From a safety perspective, this determination will be made based on travel restrictions in place and guidance from CDC, WHO, local health authorities and our program partners. Practically speaking, new infections in the regions we visit must be at a minimum or in a state of significant decline to proceed. From an experience perspective, this determination will be made based on our ability to provide the meaningful and joyous programming you expect. 

4. What happens if conditions change within the 60 days? 
Just like any other summer, if there arises a circumstance of any kind that prevents us from being able to confidently provide a safe and meaningful experience, we would (and we have in the past) made whatever changes are necessary. We are proud of our history, hosting teens on travel-based summer programs since 1956, and we are committed to living up to our reputation.

5. How are flights to the program destination impacted by this approach? 
If you are on a program where an optional flight is offered, we will make all of the details available by the end of March, including the exact itineraries, costs, and payment terms. Terms vary widely from airline to airline, but full payment for such flights is generally not due until 45-60 days prior to departure. To provide you with additional peace of mind, we will delay your payment due date for flights accordingly. 

If you are on a program where an optional flight is not offered, we will make all of the details available by the end of March, and we will be encouraging families to book refundable flights or wait until after the 60-day threshold referenced above. 

6. How does travel insurance work? 
BBYO recommends a group travel insurance policy for students via Travel Insured International. The policy can be invaluable for a host of situations, however, many of the specific scenarios related to public health concerns are not covered unless you purchase the “cancel for any reason” supplement, and we encourage you to evaluate the policy details. Instructions on how to add a travel insurance policy to your registration account will be made available shortly along with our announcement about travel arrangements for your program. Be mindful that the cancel for any reason policy can only be included before or at the time of making your final payment. 


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